Tyler aka “Capitã”

Kicks Runner

Zoë aka “2nd Wind”

Kicks Runner


Kicks Parent

Karis aka “Pinky”

Kicks Runner

Evan aka “Manners”

Kicks Runner

Amelia aka “Pace”

Kicks Runner

“We cannot say enough about the incredible and positive impact that the Kennebec Kicks Run Club has had on our 10 year old over the past few years. Shane has created a positive, creative, and supportive environment for our runners. We have seen confidence and self-esteem increase, pride in accomplishments, and value in exercise. This running club is much more than an athletic experience, however. Shane supports the spirit and camaraderie of a true team, while also instilling a sense of community that motivates and teaches the runners to bring their best selves to practice and to racing together as a team. And they have so much fun along the way! Shane knows each runner’s strengths and areas of growth and supports each wholeheartedly. The runners also truly cheer each other on, and support each other at every turn, attributes that Shane encourages and celebrates. On a personal note, as parents, we have been beyond grateful that our child has felt at home within this team community. We can’t recommend it highly enough to other families, and we can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings!”

Will and Meghan Gladstone

Parents of Kicks Runner, 2nd Wind

“Our child has participated in the Kennebec Kicks Run Club for two years and has loved every moment of it–it’s their favorite after school sport! Shane leverages fun games and drills that keep the kids engaged and moving. She clearly understands the needs of children, providing constructive coaching and an amazing sense of community. Not only has our child developed a love for running, she has also formed friendships with an amazing group of like minded friends.“

Anna and Jonah Meja

Parents of Kicks Runner, Helio

“We can’t express how grateful we are for Shane and the amazing opportunities she has made available to our child through the run club! It has been an incredible, empowering, fun, and healthy experience for our 4th grade daughter. She had never done any running before joining the club, but Shane coached her to love running and to see how strong she can be, and it has been so incredible for her confidence. Shane makes it really fun for the kids, but they also work hard, learn how to push themselves, and accomplish things that they can be truly proud of. It has been such an encouraging and positive experience for my daughter and she’s so glad to be part of this very special running community.”

Mary and Trevor Burner

Parents of Kicks Runner, Pace

Elizabeth aka “Stride”

Kicks Runner

Larry and Nikki

Kicks Parents

Jae-Soon aka “Poké”

Kicks Runner

Ruby aka “Bunny”

Kicks Runner

“Our daughter has been lucky enough to be a part of this special run club since its inception. Shane gave her the nickname “Smilin” and that just made her smile even more. Shane or “Moach” is so dedicated and encouraging. It’s amazing how she can manage so many kids with different running abilities and keep everyone interested and growing both physically and emotionally. We are so lucky she selflessly devoted years of being the best Moach!”

Wanda and Carmen Bellavia

Parents of Kicks Runner, Smiliń

Violet aka “Rulz”

Kicks Runner

“Joining the Kennebec Kicks Run Club has been a very positive experience for my daughter. She has improved her self-confidence, gained stamina, made new friends, and best of all is always excited for race and party days! Shane is a fantastic coach and motivator for all the girls. We are so lucky to have her inspire our young and talented runners.”


Parent of Kicks Runner, Pick-Up

“Both our son and daughter have been running with the Kicks for the past 6 months. Our kids enjoyed their experiences so much they asked for more, which led us to book private weekend sessions with their coach. Our 8 year old daughter and 10 year old son now have something to bond them together besides beating each other up! They come back from their runs happy and proud of themselves every single time. Their coach is incredible and sends specific updates and highlight photos from every session. Each practice is unique and engaging for the kids. We have watched our kids grow in self-confidence and in kindness toward each other. This club has truly been a blessing for so many reasons.”

Florian and Regina

Parents of Kicks Runners, Miada and Sim

“Our fourth grade daughter loves the Kicks Run Club! She is part of a team that is supportive and caring, and lovingly pushes her to do things she didn’t know she was capable of. Run club is a wonderful community that we’re proud to be a part of.”

Sara and Tom

Parents of Kicks Runner, Sprints