How do the sessions/classes work?
Kicks teams meet once a week and on the occasional weekend for races (race dates are set at the beginning of the season). Our sessions are split up into seasons and are further determined based on the schedule of the specific schools of the runners. This allows the schedule to be flexible and align with each runners school.

Fall: September-December


Winter: December-March


Spring: March-June


Summer: Summer sessions are available upon request both in groups and one on one sessions.

How much does it cost?
Each semester is $395 and discounts are given to siblings.
Do you travel for races?

Yes! Depending on the age and ability of your child and which race/races they are able to participate in each season. We use a team van for transport when traveling into different Boroughs or out of state.

Does KKRC Reschedule Class for Inclement weather?
We are an all season run club and believe that as long as runners are dressed appropriately, they will be right as rain (pun intended). That said, the health and safety of our athletes is our first priority. We will assess weather conditions prior to each class and if we feel it is unsafe or too uncomfortable to be outside (lightening, intense rain, high winds, extreme cold), we will move practice indoors. We have partnered with local community centers to utilize as indoor options when weather interferes.
Should my child be a good runner?

No, not at all. KKRC is developed for kids of all experience and fitness levels. If your child likes to have fun, they will do great!

How do I create a group for my child and their friends?

If you have a group of 6 or more you can request a day, time and location and our coach will come to you! Simply click here.

How old do children have to be to join the run club?

KKRC accepts all children either in Pre-K or 4 years of age through 8th grade.