Kennebec Kicks Run Club Shirt


Gear up for greatness with the Kennebec Kicks Run Club Shirt – the ultimate way to showcase your running spirit and support the Kennebec Kicks Tribe!

Picture this: not only will you stay snug in style, but your unique Kicks Nickname will also be boldly printed on the back. Making it a personalized piece of running history.

This shirt is a statement of solidarity with the Kennebec Kicks Tribe. By wearing it you're showing love for a community that values teamwork, fitness, and fun.

Each shirt is a canvas for your individuality, proudly displaying your Kicks Nickname as a badge of honor.

So, why settle for an ordinary shirt when you can rock one that embodies your running spirit and supports the Kennebec Kicks Tribe?

Join the club, wear the shirt, and let your unique running journey shine! It's not just an article of clothing; it's a symbol of being part of something truly special.


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